Hi there, you can call me Jasmine.

I’m twenty one, an interior design major from the PH. I’ve graduated from the following schools:

  • Philippine School of Interior Design (November 2015)
  • De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde (March 2016)

I have yet to decide if I am to pursue a master’s degree in interior design or to take up veterinary medicine for my second degree.

Most of this site’s contents are mine, as I said, unless otherwise stated. Some are also posted up on Thought Catalog, and some remain here.

A little about me, huh? I don’t post pictures here much, as you can see I have my Instagram feed up on my side bar, and I believe that’s all you need to see. I don’t own an up-to-date digital camera (yet), so most of my photos are only taken by either my GoPro or my iPhone 6. I like adventures – who doesn’t, right? I like trying new things. I like shawarma and cheese.

My blogging history goes way back. I’ve been putting up my thoughts on sites like these when the blogging trend seemed to be at its peak, I was 12 at the time. I stopped blogging the same time I entered college, and I guess now I’m back again. I’ve been told that I was good with words, and here you can be the judge of that. Let me know what y’all think.

Also, I have yet to buy myself a domain, so this remains under wordpress[dot]com until I finally decide to pay for my own website. Hehe

You can contact me thru [ jsmnbrdls@yahoo.com · jsmnbrdls@gmail.com ]