First of all, I just want to say that you were one hell of a wild roller coaster ride.

I’ve had my share of downs – my mom was diagnosed recently with a deadly illness, and we thought we would lose her sooner rather than later. I couldn’t find a decent job, my clients wouldn’t pay me, and I was lost. I skipped taking my board exam. I lost friends. I had my heart broken a couple of times, my trust.. and I lost family members.

Despite all of those aforementioned events, I’ve also had my dose of ups last 2016. First on the list is I’ve finally graduated from college and I got my degree. I had freelance work, I had the time to enjoy myself, not doing anything; I got most of the things I wanted, like I got a new phone, I got a new camera I got a new laptop – but other than the material things, I got to spend more time at home, I got to spend quality time with both of my parents (they are separated), with my brothers, and with the rest of the family – our house pets included! My older brother got married.. I got to my writing, and got featured on a well known website a couple of times!

Wow. Even after taking a gap year between college and work, even though I felt so lost because most of my friends and batch mates in college were already working or have already passed the board exams, even after feeling so left out and out of place – I could still say that I am blessed.

Even after losing friends, I gained better ones. I’d like to say that I’m making memories with other people now – and a much better bunch.

The greatest blessing of all, however, is having to spend time with my mom, taking care of her, and surviving her battle with her. I’m beyond happy to say that she is doing very well, she is down to her last two chemotherapy sessions and we’re overjoyed. We were given 6 months by the doctors upon diagnosis and of course – our whole world felt like it was falling apart. I was so scared of what could happen, I wasn’t ready for anything really; but with the help of the right people, with the help of the right words, and with the help of a lot of prayers – we’re managing to get through. I’m so thankful that my mom didn’t give up, she showed us how tough she was and that’s exactly how tough my family and I needed to be. I can’t help but admire how strong she is. So  we fought with her, never made her feel that she was alone in this, and now here we are. Happier than ever, closer than ever; tougher and stronger than ever. It was inexplicably hard but my family and I are tougher, especially with God on our side.

Thank you, to the Man up there. Because of this, I now believe in miracles and I now claim that my faith is stronger. Thank You. Thank You for making me realize how important family is, for reminding me that as I grow older, my parents are also growing old and it’s up to us, their children, to take care of them – just like how they took care of us when we were younger and didn’t know any better.

Thank you, 2016!! Thank you for the lessons. Thank you for the challenges. Thank you for the experience.

2017, we’re ready for you!


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