When You Fall In Love with the Right Person

Everything just feels right.

Every time you say “yes” no matter what the question may be, it feels like the right thing to do. It feels like it’s one of the best decisions you’re ever going to make in this lifetime. When you fall in love with the right person, you will never feel the hassles of going the extra mile.

Even the tough times feel right, and even the fights make sense – no matter how petty the fights start out to be. When you fall in love with the right person, it always feels like you’re deciding for two people, and not just yourself. You don’t only think of yourself and what’s good for you, simply because you have another person who wants what’s best for you.

Waking up in the morning doesn’t feel like a drag because you know you’re going to wake up to the right person’s calls or good morning text messages. You no longer need to feel like shit about yourself because you know the right one will always appreciate you no matter what you look like, even if you haven’t had a mani-pedi in weeks, your hair roots are becoming visible, and whether or not you shaved your legs.

The right one will always appreciate the extra effort coming from you, and if they don’t – go find someone else who will. They will love the sparkle in your eyes when you tell them about your passions and your dreams, and the person you want to become.

Planning a future doesn’t seem like a blurry path because with the right person, you know you can overcome any obstacle life may throw at you – like planning to have 15 dogs at home always seems like a good idea.

Leaps of faith are less scary when you’re with the right one, much less when you were alone, because you know that there is someone just as scared as you – but is willing to take the risk with you. Someone willing to hold your hand while jumping into the unknown. Nothing feels better than having a person who would willingly go through anything with you – familiar or not.


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